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Alltagstauglich und unkompliziert: Mit dem strapazierfähigen Trail-Schuh kann so mancher Berg bezwungen werden. Die praktischen Features des Funktionsschuhs kommen auf langen Wandertouren bestmöglich zum Einsatz – dafür ist der Sportschuh am Schaft und an der Lasche teilgefüttert und die Außensohle mit einem Profil versehen. 


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March 13, 2020 12:00

Great trail shoe

First off, sizing is pretty spot on for this pair (not all of their shoes are). The shape inside and out (last) is very good. The out-sole is really good; traction and durability. Flexibility is good new without needing much wear for any additional break-in. Very comfortable with or without socks. Plenty of volume with this pair as some have less volume especially in the toe box. Overall they look great. OK so the main issue I have are the laces. The lacing system is good but the laces will not stayed tied with a single knot and they're too long. I opted to get different laces that stay tied much better and are shorter in length. As for the performance insole which is nice at times I actually prefer the regular one instead. I even tried the Flexitec but in the end that gave me blisters, oh well. I give this shoe a solid 4.5 out of 5.